• So you have booked a romantic weekend for two to reinvigorate your relationship and enjoy time with your partner?

    Fantastic! But now you have to deal with the hard part – knowing what to pack!

    First of all, get the essentials out of the way. Socks and underwear, tee shirts and sleepwear. Make sure you pack a pillowcase and a toiletries bag too.

    What you pack next depends greatly on the climate of the bed and breakfast you are visiting, and the kind of activities you will be doing.

    If it is going to be a lazy affair with plenty of book reading and not much outdoors activity, take comfortable clothes to sit around in. Take a number of books in case you get sick of the first one (or it turns out to be no good!). You might also want to take a board game as well, because this is a great way to spend indoors time together without watching TV.

    If you are going to be more active, pack appropriately. You will need more undergarments because you will sweat through hikes, bike rides etc. Take a rain coat even if you don’t expect rain. Make sure the shoes you take are suitable for both exercise and visiting restaurants. You may need to take two or three pairs.

    Finally, don’t forget that it could really set the weekend alight if you take a surprise gift for your partner. It doesn’t have to be a diamond ring; sometimes something personal and thoughtful can mean the most.


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